Why a Divorce Certificate in Pakistan is Required

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Why a Divorce Certificate in Pakistan is Required:

For the sake of information of all, before we guide you on why a divorce certificate in Pakistan is mandatorily needed, let me inform you that marriage with someone without divorce or permission is considered a crime in Pakistan. The only proof of someone being divorced is a divorce certificate in Pakistan.

Nadra Issue:

In Pakistan, Nadra issues a divorce certificate through the union council. There is no Divorce certificate form in Pakistan which needs to be filled; however, a complete procedure as per the law of Pakistan is required to be filed before a valid divorce certificate in Pakistan is issued. A divorce certificate in Pakistan is necessary for second marriage. He must have a valid Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan if he wishes to have a second marriage with someone. Suppose a groom during a second marriage does not have a valid Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan. In that case, he cannot do his marriage because, first of all, the groom will be guilty of a crime.

Marriage Registrar:

Moreover, even a marriage registrar who is responsible for the registration of marriage in Pakistan cannot get the marriage registered because if he registers it, he will also be considered as being a part of such a crime. It’s not only a marriage registrar who registers a marriage, but it is a complete government department. Everyone in a government department has to follow the law and obey the rules regulations. Suppose a government official does not work correctly or does something against the law. In that case, such an official will be removed from the services and punished according to the law, so it is nearly impossible to get a marriage legally registered without a valid nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan.

Unless a groom does not have a valid divorce certificate in Pakistan, he cannot get his marriage registered in Pakistan. The other way is the permission certificate from the first wife, which is even difficult in a country like Pakistan where no wife is to spare her husband. A divorce certificate from Nadra Pakistan is issued only after the due procedure. The divorce certificate from Pakistan is available at the local government office.

Divorce Certificate From nadra Pakistan:

A divorce certificate from Nadra Pakistan is not only required for males but also females. A female faces huge legal complications if she gets married without a divorce certificate. If a female does not have a Divorce certificate in Nadra Pakistan, she will be in jail because her first husband will lodge an FIR against such have for getting married again.

In such a case, a female cannot say that her husband divorced her because if she is correct, the police will only ask for the Nadra divorce certificate. After all, the only proof of divorce in Pakistan is the divorce certificate. As per law, if a female gets married without a valid divorce certificate, union council, the subsequent marriage will be null and void legally. If sexual intercourse takes place, it is considered committing zina legally, and the female can be punished for that.