WHO announced a possible surge of coronavirus in Europe after the New Year

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The European Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Wednesday, December 16, of the risk of an outbreak of coronavirus infection after the New Year in case of non-compliance with preventive measures. This is reported on the website of the organization.

“Despite some small progress, transmission of COVID-19 in the European Region is widespread and intense. There is a high risk of a further surge in the first weeks and months of 2021, ”the text says.

WHO estimates that there is a sharp rise in gatherings of people of all ages, including family members, friends and religious groups, throughout Europe during the New Year holidays.

The organization stressed that the situation with the coronavirus depends on the actions of each person, reports RT.

“Do not underestimate the importance of your decisions and strengths – personal, family or community – for the situation with the further development of the pandemic,” concluded the WHO.

The day before, the WHO reported that the number of people infected with coronavirus infection in the world over the past week increased by more than 4.3 million, which is the highest figure since the beginning of the pandemic. The number of fatal cases increased by more than 70 thousand. The previous record for the increase in the incidence in the world in seven days was recorded from November 16 to 22 – more than 4 million cases.

The largest number of cases was detected in the United States, where 1.4 million people were infected with coronavirus in a week. This is followed by Brazil, Turkey, India and Russia, clarifies the Zvezda TV channel.

The spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, began at the end of December last year. The Chinese city of Wuhan became the hotbed of infection. For several months, the disease has spread to more than 210 countries of the world. On March 11, WHO declared a coronavirus pandemic.

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