Where in Germany the largest traffic jams are expected

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During the time of strict quarantine and restrictions on social contacts, it is difficult to imagine full autobahns. However, ADAC warns that in the coming year, residents of the country will face traffic jams due to large construction projects.

ADAC examined major routes that were already heavily congested and named Autobahns where congestion is expected in 2021:

∎ A1 Hagen – Köln,
∎ A1 / A46 rund um das Kreuz Hilden
∎ A3 Nürnberg – Würzburg
∎ A3 südlich Regensburg
∎ A3 Grenze Niederlande – Bottrop
∎ A4 Hermsdorf – Pulsnitz
∎ A6 Kreuz Weinsberg – Bad Rappenau
∎ A7 Bad Hersfeld – Kreuz Feuchtwangen / Crailsheim
∎ A7 Göttingen – Hannover
∎ A9 Dreieck Holledau – Ingolstadt
∎ A10 nördlicher Berliner Ring
∎ A45 Hagen – Gießen

Traffic jams are practically not expected on highways marked with three-digit numbers. On the A542 (section between A59 and A3 near Langenfeld in the Rhineland), A659 (section between A6 and A5 near Mannheim) and A952 (from A95 to Starnberg), ADAC counted only a few traffic jams throughout the year.

The busiest autobahn is the A40 in the Ruhr area. After a truck caught fire on a section of the road, a bridge was damaged there, leading to construction work that lasted for several weeks. There were at least 6,470 traffic jams on the A40 Essen – Duisburg motorway.

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