When Volgograd summer residents need a license for wells and wells

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At the beginning of the year, new rules for water use in the territory of horticultural associations came into force. The cadastral chamber explained how deep the wells should be on the plots of Volgograd summer residents so that they do not have to issue a license.

The legislation does not contain such concepts as “well” or “well”, but the permissible depth values ​​of such water intake structures are strictly regulated.

“Summer residents have the right to equip wells and wells with a depth of no more than 5 meters,” Krestyanskaya Zhizn.ru quotes specialists. – At the same time, groundwater should be used only for their own needs and in a volume of no more than 100 cubic meters per day. In this case, the Volgograd residents do not need a license.

Often, SNT or ONT equip artesian wells. From January, partnerships must obtain a license and pay tax on the extraction of artesian water. The participants of the partnership can connect to the collective water supply, but it is prohibited to drill such a deep well on the site.

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