When the lights come on on Bukhantsev Street in Volgograd

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The administration of the hero-city reported that the work related to the installation of new lamps along Bukhantsev Street has been completed. However, a number of other measures are required to light up the street lights.

So, the contractor needs to check all the elements of the line and carry out the technological connection to the citywide lighting system. The line, which consists of more than forty light points, will be commissioned in November. This means that the lights on Bukhantsev Street will be turned on by the end of the month.

Their warranty period will be 3 times longer, and the city’s electricity costs will be significantly reduced due to new technologies. The new lanterns are distinguished by improved visibility due to uniform light diffusion.

The Volgograd mayor’s office noted that at all stages of the construction and modernization of outdoor lighting lines, the investing company uses durable materials. In addition, the connection of new lighting lines to power grids began in October this year, and in the coming weeks more than 4 thousand light points will start operating in different parts of Volgograd.

Courts and driveways on the streets of Bogunskaya, Zagorskaya, Kubinskaya, Chigorin, Shtemenko, Kuznetskaya (from Ardatovskaya street to Valday street), Nesterov, Pisemsky, 33 Heroes and other territories have already begun to be illuminated.

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