What’s new in AdWords in recent months

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Reinvent yourself or die, that is Google’s motto and it is known to all that it continually applies it to the different products it has.

In these last two months, we have come across some new features in Google AdWords that we want to share with you. AdWords are the crux of SEO content strategies.


To simplify the use of the web tracking code in all Google products, some changes have been made to the conversion tracking tag.

Since October of this year, you will find the new global website tag, a piece of code that is implemented throughout the website by placing it at the head of the web. It will also be accompanied by an event snippet that will act as a whole for optimal conversion tracking and will be placed right after the global tag.

The advantages we find are:

Better tracking accuracy, since new cookies are incorporated in the new tag that stores all the clicks received in the campaign, in addition to the exact measurement of interactions thanks to the event fragment.

Another great advantage is the ease of integration and unification since you will no longer have to use different tags for each Google product, but this single global tag will work for most products, such as Google Analytics.

If we change the tag in our old projects, we may lose some data as we are going to implement new cookies, so we recommend that you start using this global tag only in your new projects. 


AdWords tends more and more to make it easier for us to create the ads for our AdWords campaigns. A very recent novelty is the option to automatically create ads by exchanging the two titles. By creating the first ad, Adword makes a second exact copy for you, except for the position of the two titles, which change their order.


The new AdWords interface also includes something new in the category of extensions: the new promotion extension.

With this new extension, we can program specific dates to show specific discounts and promotions, a very useful functionality on days like Black Friday or the Christmas season.

There are 4 subtypes of promotion extension:

  • monetary discount
  • Discount rate
  • Up to a discount amount
  • Up to a percentage discount

Once you have chosen the type of promotion, you must indicate the details:

  • None
  • On orders over
  • Promotional code


You will remember that when showing the ads there were 4 options:

  • Optimize conversions
  • Optimize clicks
  • Rotate 90 days then optimize for clicks
  • rotate indefinitely

Well, from now on everything changes and the only one that remains as we knew it is “rotate indefinitely”. The others disappear to give more importance to the Google algorithm so that it automatically decides which is the most interesting option for each campaign.

Therefore, now ad rotation is simplified into 2 basic options: optimize or not optimize. In addition, it allows you to configure the rotation at the ad group or campaign level, therefore we can have greater control of the changes.


This is the most recent novelty that we found in Google AdWords.

Reviewing your campaigns, have you found a new list that you had not created? If so, you are in front of the AdWords optimized list.

This is a list created automatically by AdWords that combines different sources such as Analytics or YouTube and AdWords itself, among others.

The list summarizes the best audiences from the different sources and can be applied to the display network, in order to carry out campaigns that achieve conversions through this list.

These are the main novelties of these last few months; we will continue to inform you of the next novelties within the AdWords world.