What the coming day has in store for us – August 8

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Moon in Aries. You have to turn on all your stress resistance

The moon … Mysterious and beautiful! And most importantly – everyone has their own! Dreamers and optimists, fascinated by her soft light, try to unravel her mystery. But realists simply close the curtains so that the bright disk of the moon does not interfere with sleep. In someone she awakens romantic memories, and someone, shrouded in her cold light, feels a slight anxiety, and sometimes anxiety … Take a closer look at her. Love her. And she will definitely allow you to feel her closeness and her warmth!

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What is the queen of the night on August 8 preparing for us?

The day is difficult. You will have to turn on all your resistance to stress, chase heavy thoughts, tune in to the positive. The day is favorable for mental work, self-education. The moon is waning, which means you need to save strength, but it is in active Aries, therefore it is quite difficult. This combination carries irritability, and sometimes aggressiveness, which means that this day you need to keep your emotions under lock and key. You also need to be very careful in conversations, you remember: the Word is not a sparrow … Saturday is a difficult day in itself, it is best to devote it to rest. If you take on something, then the matter should be short-term.

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Accept this day with gratitude, whatever it may be for you!

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