What the coming day has in store for us – August 17

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Moon in the sign Leo. The day is good for pleasant communication

Does the moon seem distant and cold to you? If so, try bringing it closer and warming it up. Dream while looking at the moon and it will creep closer so you don’t miss any of your dreams! Warm her with your beautiful and such sweet dreams, and she will become your kind ally, who will never betray or reveal your secrets to anyone.

What is the queen of the night of August 17 preparing for us?

The day is inactive, rather contemplative. The Moon in Leo promises good luck to people of action, creative, with a creative approach and rich imagination. The day is good for pleasant communication, for fun activities, but people prone to risky adventures need to be very careful. No matter how confident you are, the flattery spoken to you on August 17 will relax you, distract you, and this can lead you to serious financial losses. Refuse transactions and signing contracts on this day. It is worth carefully listening to the opinion of colleagues – there you can find the key to solving one of the problems. On this day, a slight malaise is possible – take care of your health.

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Accept this day with gratitude, whatever it may be for you!

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