What kind of weather to expect on July 31

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On the next day, July 31, due to the continuing advection of cool air mass, the temperature background in the region will decrease slightly. At the same time, being in an unstable air mass under the influence of the rear part of an extensive cyclone, and in the evening and its front of occlusion, in the afternoon and throughout the evening, short-term torrential rains are expected in most areas, slight thunderstorms are possible.

Heavy rains are guaranteed to affect Smolensk, but with a thunderstorm, how lucky, because they will be extremely local in nature.

At night it will be mostly cloudy, and during the day it will be cloudy with clearings.

The air temperature at night will be +8 … + 11 ° C, in the daytime +16 … + 19 ° C.

In Smolensk at night it drops to + 9 ° C, during the day the air will hardly warm up above + 18 ° C.

The wind is weak west and southwest at night, 3-5 m / s in the daytime with gusts up to 8-13 m / s.

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