What is VPS Hosting and Tips to Choose Best VPS for Your Blog

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There are many types of hosting solutions for the web. Basic shared hosting is one type, and virtual private servers (VPS) are another. 

Shared hosting means that you share your server with other websites on a “first come first served” basis: if someone else’s website uses more bandwidth than they’re allotted at any given time, yours will be affected too. 

A VPS offers more robust features that make it a better choice for sites that require high amounts of bandwidth or have multiple users accessing the same account at once. Check this article to find out what VPS hosting is, how much it costs, and who should use it!

What is VPS Hosting?

A VPS is a virtual machine that runs on one server, potentially hosting multiple sites. 

According to HostingOneCent.com, ” A VPS is like having your private mini-server in the same location as the big servers but you only pay for what you need”. 

The VPS can be configured with its control panel, independent of the server hosting it. This makes managing bandwidth, storage, and other needs easier to manage if you have a lot of websites or users accessing them at one time.

How Much Does VPS Hosting Cost?

Many people wonder why VPS hosting isn’t more popular than it is. Part of the reason may be its cost: most shared hosting providers cost upwards of $5 per month; a VPS running the same software typically costs more than $25. 

However, because you only pay for what you need and there’s no limit to how many sites your server can house, it can be very economical with careful planning. 

For example, if you’re running just one WordPress site on your VPS, you can probably get by on a small amount of storage and lesser amounts of bandwidth. 

When bought in bulk, this will save money while giving you the resources you need to keep your website running smoothly.

How Should I Buy?

When buying a VPS, it’s important to do your homework first. Look at the number of websites that can be hosted on the server, as well as the number of users allowed per account; this will help you decide what type of VPS is right for you. 

Also, look at different providers’ bandwidth charts and make sure your VPS provides the best quality at a price you can live with. If you need specific requirements, you can even ask a provider if they support them. 

Most will give you a breakdown of what’s included in the server plan, too.

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Private Server?

VPS hosting provides many benefits over shared hosting, including:

  • Lower cost on average
  • Uninterrupted service and security, because they’re controlled by the provider’s staff not other users
  • More control over how you run your site or application since the VPS is independent of the server. You can install new software at any time!
  • More disk space and bandwidth than a regular shared plan.
  • Better uptime, less downtime, and a faster page load time
  • More flexibility for the future as you’re not limited to certain types of hosting. You can move from shared hosting to VPS if your needs increase!
  • Professional and highly technical support from the provider.
  • The freedom to host multiple sites and users from one server, which reduces costs even further!

How do you buy the best VPS for your needs?

Before buying VPS Hosting, you must be very clear about what you want to use the hosting for, how many sites you will host on it, and what your monthly bandwidth and disk space requirement will be. This will help you to choose a plan that is fit for your purpose. 

Not choosing a VPS with enough resources can lead to unnecessary downtime which could affect your business negatively. Once purchased, it should never let you down.

There is a huge demand for VPS Hosting especially on the market because many people often face problems with their shared hosting accounts and they want to make sure that the next hosting provider will not have any problem at all, so now you know why VPS Hosting providers are so popular! They’re reliable as well as affordable which makes them very much in demand.

And finally, if you are planning to buy a VPS hosting account and want to save some money on the purchase there are many coupon codes for VPS hosting out there, so make sure you always check the Internet for such offers before buying anything online.

Which VPS Hosting Service do I Recommend?

I recommend HostGator VPS hosting to everyone as they’ve been around for a long time and their servers are fast, reliable, and always up. HostGator VPS hosting is also very affordable when compared to other hosts out there.

HostGator offers Snappy 2000, Snappy 4000, and Snappy 8000 packages. With these hosting plans, you get an online control panel that is very easy to use for the maintenance of your site or applications. 

All accounts are equipped with administrative access and a private network IP address. If there are any problems at all you can contact support 24/7 by phone, chat, or email, so they’re always ready to help you out!

HostGator VPS hosting is our No.1 recommendation for anyone who wants a dependable server at an excellent price!


In the end, we hope we helped you learn more about VPS Hosting. It’s a great solution for hosting multiple sites on one server, as well as for those who want to host their site or application in a highly reliable environment. 

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