Top wedding stage decoration themes for your wedding

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As a host, you’re supposed to plan out the entire day of the wedding with the most glamour and pomp. As guests, they’re probably expecting the same treatment from the host as much as the wedding stage decoration is concerned. Fortunately, here we have a list of the best wedding stage decorations that you might go for on your big day. Spandex Chair Covers can be a good selection to give reach look.

The flowers are basically the most integral part of any wedding stage decoration. Certainly they’ve some of the best decoratives and items as such to commemorate the beauty of a simple going wedding. Just by changing the font of certain flowers you can change a simple wedding from light to posh. Yes, that is exactly what happens when the decorator knows how to incorporate the right flowers for any wedding ceremony.

  • White wedding stage decoration

The wedding stage decoration happens to be at the top location in your city. So creating an art at such locations, isn’t as difficult as it sounds to be. But what comes in handy in these hwite wedding decorations is the huge amount of wedding inspos found on pinterest. All you’ve to do is visit the site to see such amazing designs layed out of white flowers, curtains and lots of exclusive decorations.

  • Royal wedding stage decoration

You’re bound to fall in love with a beautiful wedding stage decoration, especially when it is decorated in the most old fashioned manner with attributes from the kingship and the queenship. You’re supposed to like it, irrespective of when and where. This wedding stage decoration is more common inside royal palaces, especially in the Jaipur, udaipur and Hyderabad area. As the place is flooded with magnificent banquet halls already.

Anyone who desires to live the fairy tale life of a kinship then they’re certainly choosing the royal theme for their entire decoration. An appropriate option for wedding stage decoration at destination weddings, and location weddings which are away from the hometown.

  • Curtains wedding stage decoration

No curtains, aren’t just for covering your room shield and bedroom windows . They’re an appropriate decoration for the fabulous wedding stage decoration as well. The decorations around these, have long curtains or ‘Pardhas’. Which is more common with muslim and islamic wedding traditions. Wedding stage decorations like these, are more common in northern India, and somewhere in the North-East too.

  • Chandelier wedding stage decoration

The ‘Jhumar’ or chandelier is the hero of the entire wedding stage decoration. This is not exactly what is made out to cover the entire event and the rest of the detection. Whereas, the rest of the decoration is described around a big chandelier of your choice. The most extravagant chandeliers are available at royal banquet halls, and that happens to be quite grand on its own.

  • Mirror wedding stage decoration

The mirror is certainly the most creative articles that are used to highlight the exorbitant wedding stage decoration. This is most common with theme decorations and weddings that are surrounded around a theme, here the decoration is extremely duntle with most the curtains and patterns being covered with tiny mirror embroideries. This is more common on the western part of India, with the most elaborate forms of Gujarati and rajathani design.

If you’re familiar with the above ideas, then congratulations, your wedding stage decoration is definitely going to be the best. Having such themes, and wedding decoration isn’t as expensive as it sounds to be. Instead it is quite affordable to do when you’re aware of what to do and what to buy exactly for the entire decoration part.