What is the deputy of the Pro Moldova group Oleg Sirbu hiding?

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Socialist MP Nicolae Pascaru sent an inquiry to the National Integrity Agency, in which he said that the Pro Moldova MP Sirbu had hidden his property and income.

“For example, in the declaration for 2011, the MP from Pro Moldova did not indicate two land plots of 41 and 22 hectares, respectively. In the period 2011-2013, Oleg Sirbu hid an apartment of 48 sq.m., which has been in his ownership since 2006. He also has several apartments and houses declared, ”Pascaru writes in his Facebook post.

The Socialist MP also adds that after studying the declarations of 2014 and 2015, he revealed that Oleg Sirbu carried out an illegal transaction of three cars that he owned – Mercedes 408, Mercedes 310 and PAZ-672 (1987).

“Thus, these three cars, Mercedes 408, Mercedes 310 and PAZ-672 (1987), were sold in 2014 for 26 thousand lei, although in the declaration of 2013 the total value of these cars was 139 thousand lei. At the same time, a year after the sale of cars, the deputy buys out the same cars, sold a year earlier, at the same price at which they were sold. What is this if not actions that contradict the principle of transparency of ownership and declaration of property !? ”, asks Nicolae Pascaru.

Also, the socialist deputy notes that in 2011-2019, the family of Oleg Sirbu received an income of almost 16 million 200 thousand lei. Although the official income is significantly lower, the bank accounts show less amounts, which is suspicious, Pascaru said.

“If we assume that this money is not contained in the accounts, then it was necessary to indicate it in active finance, the amount in national and / or foreign currency, which exceeds 15 average salaries in the economy, and which are not contributions to financial institutions and other documents, which include property rights. This was not done, so I consider it necessary to carry out additional checks on the declarations of property, ”the PSRM deputy concludes.

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