What is needed to enter Germany for an unmarried partner from a non-EU country

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Entry into Germany for the partner of an unmarried couple is difficult, despite a relaxation of the rules introduced a month ago. Partners of German citizens residing in countries outside the European Union have to collect tons of documents to enter the country. “The number of requests has even increased recently,” – sums up Carmen Colinas, representative of the Association of Binational Couples.

These are couples in which one partner – who does not have German citizenship – lives in a non-EU country and the other lives in Germany.

In order to enter Germany during a pandemic and the imposed travel restrictions to reunite with a loved one, it is necessary to prove that the couple has already met in Germany or had a joint life abroad. “This rule does not apply to all couples,” said Colinas.

If the mother-to-be is a citizen of the country or has a residence permit in Germany, the father of the child can enter the country to see his child being born.

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