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Well-groomed and freshly smelling hair simply has to be. In addition to the right care program, how you dry your hair is crucial. This works best with a towel turban from möve. The practical helper in the bathroom uses a simple idea to make your life easier. The towel turban has a practical button fastener so that the towel does not come off too quickly on the head and slip. This makes it easier to dry your hair and can be easily integrated into your daily washing routine!


Towel turban – definition


Not only practical after washing your hair, but also a chic companion for your daily wellness program: the möve turban is made of soft, high-quality cotton. It absorbs moisture very well, pampers the hair and maintains the hair structure. Thanks to the practical button closure including loop, the towel keeps the head comfortably warm and protects the scalp from cooling down. The Turkish towels turban from möve fits perfectly without slipping and is astonishingly light and handy. It is your ideal companion for a unique wellness feeling.


Tying a towel turban


Rubbing your hair vigorously with a towel every day or blow-drying it for a long time stresses your hair. Damaged, fine hair in particular reacts extremely sensitively to this type of treatment. It is much better to wrap the hair in a good terry towel and then to dry it in the low heat of a hairdryer or in the air. Our high-quality towel turban is made of natural cotton, is extremely absorbent and measures around 65 centimeters in length. Thanks to the practical button closure in the neck, the towel does not slip and keeps your hair perfectly together. You can bend and move normally during the entire wearing time.


Towel turban: step by step instructions


Tying the möve towel turban is very easy. Follow these towel turban instructions.


1st step


After washing your hair, just gently squeeze the hair out. Then tilt your head forward and wrap the turban around your head. Lay the wider side of the turban loosely over the back of the head – this is where the loop button is located. Make sure that the towel covers all of the hair – this is very important, especially with longer hair. The narrower area of ​​the turban points down like your head.


2nd step


Then wrap the narrow sides of the towel turban as if you were using the towel to squeeze out your wet hair.


3rd step


Now stand up and position the twisted area of ​​the towel on the back of your head.


4th step


Now close the turban at the neck. Simply pull the loop at the end of the turban over the button.


Now you have both hands free to have a leisurely breakfast, brush your teeth or apply lotion in a relaxed manner. Leave the möve towel turban on your head until the material has absorbed the moisture from your hair. The towel needs some time for this. Later, you can either shape the hair as usual with a blow dryer and brush or let it air dry. Avoid using too much heat from a blow dryer during daily styling. This makes your hair dull, brittle and dries out the hair structure.


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Treat yourself to this hair-friendly wellness program for your naturally fresh look! At möve, the towel turban is exclusively made in super-fluffy quality and is available in the classic colors black and snow. That means even more gentle care for your hair with exclusive terry “Made in Turkey”, certified and tested according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The elaborate processing of the material, its soft structure and practical details such as the fastening loop are useful and attractive at the same time. After exercising, on vacation or simply as a fixed part of your routine day after day – the towel turban is the perfect companion for your daily beauty routine!


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