What happens to public transport in Saratov

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The development of the transport sector is of interest to all residents of the regional center

The deputy head of the Saratov administration for municipal services Maxim Sidenko was sent to speak on this topic in the municipality. And the official assured that the mayor’s office “is actively taking measures to normalize the work of public transport.”

– This year, the Program for the Comprehensive Development of Saratov’s Transport Infrastructure until 2030 was adopted. This is a serious document that unites all areas of the transport sector – from urban public transport to road construction. This document provides for a phased reduction and optimization of bus routes in Saratov, including those directions that duplicate the work of electric transport, Sidenko said.

According to the speaker, such a step will lead to the development of environmentally friendly transport in our city. As if the reduction of bus routes would in itself cause the appearance of new trolleybuses and trams in different regions of Saratov.

Sidenko also reminded about 330 million rubles, which should go to the project of the speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin for the construction of a high-speed tram line.

– After the implementation of the high-speed tram project, in the future we will consider the modernization of the trolleybus routes in the same way. This will also make it possible to effectively solve the problem of public transport in the evening, when the passenger traffic is low, the official said.

State Duma deputy Olga Alimova fundamentally disagrees with what is happening.

– The mayor of the city Isaev made an amazing discovery – it turns out that of the 161 trolleybuses that make up the Saratovgorelectrotrans park, 140 have reached their service life. Of course, the predecessors are to blame, ”Alimova said. – Well, it’s good that at least it was not the Soviet Union who blamed this – they say, it was necessary to make trolleybuses better so that we could idle for another ten years, sawing trees, not paying attention to the fact that everything in the city turns to dust.

Alimova reminded Isaev that all of his predecessors were also from United Russia:

– And they, just like you, blamed everything on the previous “effective managers” and told the townspeople fairy tales about the prosperity that was about to come. You just have to be patient. Now, we have endured for thirty years …

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 32 of August 5, 2020

Newspaper headline:
After the high-speed tram, they will take the high-speed trolleybus

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