What filling for dumplings to choose for Volgograd residents in summer

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What unusual “light” fillings can be chosen for dumplings in the warm season, read our material.

Fresh cabbage

First, you need to chop it, add a little salt and mash it by hand so that the cabbage gives juice, writes Volgogradskaya Pravda.ru. After that, it should be fried in vegetable oil with the addition of finely chopped onions and grated carrots. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Cheese and tomato paste

The cheese is grated on a fine grater, two tablespoons of tomato paste and three teaspoons of ground paprika are added to it.

Green onions and eggs

For cooking, you will need to beat three to four eggs with salt and pepper in a bowl. Chop the onion finely. Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan, add chopped clove of garlic there. When the aroma appears, pour the eggs into the pan, fry for a short time and stir constantly. At the end, green onions are added to the filling, mix everything again and let the mixture cool.

Beets and soft cheese

Two beets must first be boiled, then baked in the oven and grated on a coarse grater. This mass is mixed with grated ricotta cheese and bread crumbs. By the way, before serving, dumplings with such a filling are sprinkled with poppy seeds.

Bryndza, yolk and dill

For her, you need 400 grams of unsalted feta cheese, chop the dill and add boiled egg yolks there. Allspice white pepper can also be added to taste.

Spinach and cream cheese

These dumplings are especially good fried. For the filling, separate the spinach leaves from the stem and keep them in boiling water for about 30 seconds. After that, the greens are thrown into a colander and placed in cold water – this helps the spinach retain its taste. The greens are then chopped and mixed with mashed cream cheese and minced garlic.

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