What diseases are indicated by a rise in temperature in the evenings

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According to the assurances of doctors, in the evenings, the body temperature sometimes rises by 0.4 degrees. And this is the norm. But with an increase to 37.5 degrees, it is worth worrying.

According to the therapist, cardiologist Tatyana Romanenko, there may be pathological reasons for the evening rise in temperature: colds, genitourinary infections, autoimmune diseases, hormonal disruptions, thyroid problems and even oncology.

But if all these diagnoses are excluded, then thermoneurosis is quite likely – such a special neurological condition, failure of thermoregulation mechanisms due to stress and disruption of the nervous system. This happens in the presence of cysts, hematomas and other formations.

If the temperature rises sporadically in the evening, perhaps nothing terrible happens, and if regularly, you should consult a therapist, take a general blood test, and take an X-ray of the lungs.

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