What can the wrong wearing of masks lead to?

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How can the wrong wearing of personal protective equipment turn out for health, doctors said.

According to dermatologist Elena Moshkova, any masks cause a greenhouse effect, which provokes an allergic reaction. Therefore, protective masks must be changed every 2 hours, reports “MK in Volgograd” with reference to the “Petersburg Diary”.

Masks also provoke acne on the face. The rector of PIMU Nikolai Karjakin told about this on his Instagram page.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, you should not put on already used masks. In addition, products must be free of hard edges.

On the areas of the face that are covered with masks, you do not need to apply heavy makeup. After wearing the mask, wash yourself.

Gloves can also cause various unpleasant effects on the skin, for example, eczema can develop. Therefore, it is recommended to wear only cotton gloves.

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