What Brands Wigs Do Celebrity Wear

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Wearing virgin human hair wigs is becoming increasingly popular as the stigma of having to conceal one’s natural hair fades into history. Instead, this trend, particularly among celebrities, allows you to change your look at a moment’s notice, looking fabulously different without tampering with your natural hair too much. 

It’s surprising how many women wear Brazillian lace front wigs instead of their natural hair. Wigs, according to many of them, protect their natural hair. But it’s also about making a statement, standing out from the crowd, setting trends, and simply looking stunning for us. Why? We can do it!

So, read on to discover all the wigs that celebrities wear!

HD Lace Wig

Queen Bey loves to experiment with her hairstyles, to the point where she revealed for the first time in a 2015 Flaunt Magazine article that she has a hair closet to house all of her wigs and pieces. Yes. A hair closet. According to a 2018 article in Life & Style Magazine, she wears wigs, hairpieces, and weaves so consistently that she’s only revealed her real hair on two occasions, in 2013 and this year. But her crown extends beyond music and into mainstream HD wigs! Vogue’s Shay Ashual, the “Master of Wigs” credited Beyoncé as the turning point in the industry in a 2018 article.

Beyonce has made it acceptable to openly wear wigs and created a demand for Brazillian lace front wigs (more realistic, higher quality) that were previously not easily accessible or available. Wig brands used the opportunity to up their game and make it into the mainstream.

Bob Hair Wigs

Cardi B is known for her super long hair and colorful bow looks, but she joined the bob trend train in 2020. Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, Salma Hayek, and Nicky Minaj are also fans of the bob haircut. Nicki and Cardi both enjoy experimenting with unusual and daring colors on their wigs that make a statement.

Most of these celebrities prefer full lace wigs with 150 percent density, making their hair look naturally full with added body and bounce.

Virgin Human Hair Wigs

Rihanna has always been a singer and songwriter who flaunts all of her glamorous hairstyles through tape hair extensions and virgin human hair wigs. Take Rihanna’s outstanding hairstyle inspirations if you want to wear your hair most naturally.

Long Remy Hair Wigs

Ciara is another celebrity who enhances her appearance with long hair extensions and wigs. She has been noticed and praised for their dynamic styles, as well as her extravagant braid patterns. Of course, her artistic level is unquestionably exceptional! However, as she wears her hair extensions and wigs, her hairstyle is unquestionably the one you would want to style for an everyday look.

Brazilian Lace Front Wigs

Zendaya is well-known for her beautiful virgin Brazilian lace front wigs. Her wig choice is bold and strong in color, design, and length. She is a living icon who helps normalize wig and hair extension wearers with her overly exotic personality and mind-blowing styles. Her long sleek hairstyle has garnered her millions of views and worldwide adoration.

Human Hair Wigs

Let’s give it to Cardi B once again! Her career has come a long way since Love and Hip Hop: New York, but today Cardi B has become a living legend regarding bold wig choices in color and design. Her bubblegum pink wig topped with a ribbon of hair went viral in April. She achieved the look by tying half of her wig into a bow on her head and leaving the rest in a low ponytail. Cardi later revealed a heart-shaped wig designed by her go-to hairstylist Tokyo Stylez. The reveal received 18 million views, and it was revealed last month that this creation was part of a new Snapchat show called “Queen of Stylez,” which focuses on high fashion wigs.


Wigs are definitely in style, and everyone is wearing them, but for comfort and peace of mind, always choose high-quality wigs that look like natural hair. Even if you go for the green, purple, pink, or rainbow hair, premium full HD Brazilian lace front wigs are one of the best ways to achieve a relasitc result.

Luckily, True Glory Hair has these fantastic-looking wigs of 100 percent virgin hair that you can color to look like your favorite celebrity or make your statement.

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