LogWork Time Tracking Software with Screen Monitoring Feature for Teams, Freelancers, and Personal Use

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Measuring time while working with a client is the essence of every freelancer’s work. So, if you are looking for applications and programs that will help you measure your work time so that you can quickly and easily settle accounts with your clients – it’s perfect. You will find everything you need below.

Time measurement programs

Programs for measuring the worked time are so-called time tracking software. With these programs, we will be able to save in one place projects on which we work and, with one click, mark the beginning and end of the working time.

To be fully prepared, when the “W” hour comes, quickly estimate the time worked, estimate the hourly rate and write the appropriate amount on the invoice.

What features of the time measurement app did we consider? Take a look and check the following features:

  • Does the software have a mobile version (Android, iOS)?
  • Does it have a browser plugin?
  • Does it have a desktop application?
  • Does it have a free version?
  • Does it integrate with task organization programs like Asana, Trello, etc.? Does it allow for offline time tracking?

What are the benefits of screen monitoring employees’ working time?

Screen monitoring and recording of working time may be associated only with control and disciplinary practices. However, their implementation gives more benefits – both for the employer and the employee.

It helps to check how employees manage their time. Many companies face the problem of employees being under or overloaded with responsibilities. A common reason for this is a mismatch between the nature of the tasks and the subordinate’s skills or a lack of appropriate tools, but sometimes the problem lies in poor time management by the employee himself.

Measuring employees’ time will allow you to get a better picture of how they manage their time, what they spend it on, and whether they complete their tasks on time. It may turn out that seemingly small activities “devour” valuable hours. Or maybe there are too many duties and the employee chooses the so-called arbitrary over timeinstead of reporting this fact to the superior?

Thanks to tools for work time management and work time recording system, you will see what it looks like in your team in black and white. With this knowledge, you can better manage resources, distribute tasks, and help employees work more efficiently or reduce repetitive tasks.



Find out which clients bring you the most profit about the time spent

While we’re on the subject of clients, it’s also worth mentioning that time tracking gives insight into which clients bring you the most profit about the time spent serving them. It’s worth knowing this kind of data for several reasons:

  • First – you know how to prioritize employees for service and after-sales.
  • Second – you know which relationships are most profitable to work on, which are promising, and which you won’t miss… as much.
  • Third – when you know something is going well, you can compare working models with different clients and try to implement good practices on a wider scale. This way, there’s a chance that working with less profitable clients will suddenly become easier and more enjoyable.
  • Fourth – as a result of optimizing how you work with clients, you free up more resources in the form of employee time. This will make it easier for you to plan their development paths, give them time to work on creative solutions or simply acquire new clients and serve them.