What absolutely cannot be done on the day of St. Michael, October 13

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On October 13, in the Orthodox tradition, it is customary to remember St. Michael, the first Metropolitan of Kiev.

In Russia, this day was called Mikhail Solomenny, Mikhail-straw. Our ancestors had a tradition – on this day, old straw in mattresses for a new, fresh harvest. Old caked straw was necessarily burned, it was believed that this protects from ailments and the evil eye.

On the day of St. Michael, you should not leave the walls of your home, it is better to be with your family. You can’t visit. Our ancestors believed that if the prohibition is still disobeyed, then such a quarrel may arise, which will lead to a complete rupture of relations, the disintegration of the family.
In addition, on this day, you cannot indulge your laziness. On the contrary: if you work hard today, fate can present a pleasant gift.

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