Western experts recognized the power of the Russian army

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Russia’s armed forces are now more combat-ready than at any time since the end of the Cold War, Bloomberg writes, citing Russia’s Military Modernization: An Assessment report by the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies.

In it, analysts noted that over the past decade, thanks to reforms and investments, the Russian army has reached unprecedented power. Significant improvements have been noted in the nuclear arsenal and the Aerospace Forces. Analysts considered progress in the ground forces and the navy uneven.

At the same time, the report speaks of Moscow’s “readiness” to use or threaten to use the Armed Forces.

“Today the Russian armed forces have become an effective military tool,” the document says.

Earlier, Russia has repeatedly noted that it does not intend to attack anyone, and the strengthening of the army is necessary for the country’s defense, since NATO has significantly increased its activity near the Russian borders in recent years.

In March, the Chinese portal Zhongguo Junwang called hypersonic weapons not only a symbol of Russia’s military might, but also a trump card against the United States. The publication recalled that soon on the strategic bombers Tu-160M ​​will be installed hypersonic missile systems “Dagger”.

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