Were there envelopes with money from Ilan Shor for Maya Sandu or not?

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The parliamentarian said that he appealed to the prosecutor’s office “in the hope that the degree of” honesty “of the PDS leader will be checked.” On his page on the social network, the socialist recalled Shor’s numerous statements, as well as the statements of a well-known blogger about witnesses who are ready to testify on this case to state prosecutors.

“Earlier Ilan Shor said about Maya Sandu:“… .you are the middle manager of a project financed by me – PLDM. You must understand: I know how much Filat paid you in an envelope every month as a salary supplement. I was the one who put the money in the envelope before it was handed over to you. By the way, you were given more than others, to show yourself as modest, even poor is shameful, but you are not familiar with this feeling. And blogger Eugen Lukyanuk wrote that “there are at least two witnesses who are ready to confirm the facts” of handing over the envelopes to Maia Sandu during the period when she headed the Ministry of Education.

If Shor and Lukyanuk’s statements are confirmed, we are talking about passive corruption punishable by law. And “honesty” is only an election slogan for deceiving citizens, Novak wrote.

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