Weekly Horoscope September 7-13

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What to prepare for each zodiac sign

Live this week listening to your inner voice and not persisting in defending your views. Refrain from conflicts, especially with members of the opposite sex.


Before taking on any project, soberly assess your capabilities in order to avoid an unpleasant situation at work. In order not to multiply the ranks of ill-wishers, avoid conflicts: you should not prove that you are the best with foam at the mouth. You already know this, and others have the right to a private opinion.


This week you can handle any mountains. Confident in your success, active and full of energy, you can plan and implement tasks of any complexity. All obstacles will seem small and insignificant to you. Try to keep this state as long as possible, it will bring you many good opportunities.


This week will be challenging. To make life easier for yourself, do not stoop to quarrels and showdowns in the style: who are you? This will not add points to you, but precious energy will be wasted on trifles, since both your condition and mood will become unusually changeable. Don’t let doubt ruin your life. And don’t try to grasp the immensity.


This week for Cancers is exclusively for their own affairs. Everything that is planned is put to work. But you should not go to colleagues with your advice, as well as comment on other people’s mistakes and mistakes. A persistent desire to help when you are not asked about it can lead to conflict situations.


This week for Lviv will be filled with goodwill and tranquility. Everything will work out for you. There will be complete harmony on the personal front. In your free time, try to look for yourself in creativity – you are talented! And walks in nature will help awaken your abilities.


This week, Dev is waiting for a process of self-discovery. You will understand why you came to this world, and how to properly dispose of this understanding. Make big plans, but with a delayed start. It is not time for active actions and bold deeds yet. Conflicts this week can ruin your plans.


The week will be favorable for creative affairs and will set you on the lyrical wave. Personal life will occupy all your thoughts and all your time. New acquaintances, falling in love, ghostly hopes will whirl you in a romantic dance. But do not have any illusions – the relationship is likely to be easy and short-lived.


A great week is expected for the Scorpions. Good luck will go with you, so set the most daring goals, solve the most difficult problems – you can do everything! For excellent results, you will have to work hard, but the reward will be very worthy. Unleash your ambitions – it’s time!


Streltsov will have a difficult and conflicting week. Cheerful and friendly, they will face misunderstanding and rudeness. Do not stoop to the showdown – be above the small bites of others. If you get involved in arguments and a showdown, you ruin your mood and you will regret it for a long time.


Great week for Capricorns. You are collected, as efficient as possible, you see the goal and go to it, sweeping away all obstacles on the way. You are persistent in achieving results, and therefore the Universe gives you this week many happy chances and promising opportunities. Try not to miss anything.


The week will be smooth – no ups and downs. You will be looking for an opportunity to prove yourself in at least one of your many talents, but you are unlikely to succeed. Therefore, it is better to devote a little more time to yourself, perhaps to reconsider your habits.


It will be difficult for Pisces to develop relationships with others this week. Colleagues will find fault, others will make claims. We’ll have to tighten up: to gather the will into a fist, turn on all your tolerance, forgive all the offenders at once. This is the only way you can get out of the coming week with minimal losses.

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