Volunteers collected over 100 bags of garbage near Soldatskoye Lake in Smolensk

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More than 30 people took part in a cleanup in the area of ​​Soldatskoye Lake in the Korolevka microdistrict in Smolensk. This is not the first time volunteers have cleaned the area near this reservoir. The idea of ​​today’s subbotnik belonged to the employees of the Smolensk branch of the Cadastral Chamber.

– This year, on the initiative of the central office, youth councils were created in all branches of the Cadastral Chamber. – said the director of the branch Huseyn Gadiev. – This, in my understanding, is the revival of the Komsomol. In our branch, the youth council is headed by Artem Petrosyans, an active and energetic leader. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Cadastral Chamber. Drew up a program and work plan. It includes cleaning not only in the Zadneprovsky region, but also in other areas of the city. And this is not a one-time action – the youth offered to do it annually. We love our city very much, I, for example, have lived in Smolensk for 40 years, and it has become my family. Therefore, I am glad that we will do our bit to cleanse it. “

– Such events are held in all districts of the Smolensk region. Last year, we removed 80 kilometers of coastline near water bodies. 5,000 people took part in this, – says Natalya Ushkova, head of the Directorate of Specially Protected Natural Areas of the Smolensk Region.

She also told about the difficulty of the situation with cleaning around Soldatskoye Lake:

– It is necessary to install waste bins here. This is a recommendation. The difficulty is in the absence of a road. All garbage has to be lifted up the mountain by hand.

Thus, volunteers took out at least 100 bags of garbage in the vicinity of Soldatskoye Lake.

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