Volgograd residents were told what star anise is used for

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How star anise is used in cooking, Volgogradskaya Pravda.ru told.

The word “star anise” means “anise”. This is the spice of Southwest China. It is traditional for dishes from Japan, India, Vietnam. Its taste is sweetish with a slight bitterness. This spice is also called “star anise”, because it looks like a star and looks spectacular in ready-made dishes.

Star anise fruits are rich in vitamins C, A, B, essential oils and phosphorus.

The seeds are used in medicine to improve the functioning of the stomach, and in pharmacy, as a diuretic.

Anise is prohibited to use during pregnancy, as well as with excitability and epilepsy. Star anise oil cannot be smeared on the skin, it is fraught with burns.

Star anise is appreciated in cooking when preparing drinks. It can be put in gingerbread, and in puddings, and in baked goods, and in jam, and in cream, and in bread.

Star anise is added to tea, wine, mulled wine, punch, grog, brandy and liqueurs.

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