Volgograd residents were told about the traditions of the Greeks in the south of Russia

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Greek settlements began to appear in the Kuban in the 7th century; they settled in the Volga region already in Soviet times. Today, only about 600 Greeks live in the Volgograd region. But they all cherish the cultural heritage of their people.

Greeks are extremely religious, most of them are believers. Their main holidays are also timed to coincide with the dates of the church calendar.

So, before Christmas, chestnuts, kurabye and Christ’s bread are traditionally baked. At midnight on the eve of the holiday, the girls go to the nearest spring, from which they take some “silent water”. So it was called, because not a word can be said all the way to the source. The water needs to be “fed” with butter and honey so that life next year will be just as satisfying. Upon returning, this water is sprayed on all corners of the house.

Cuisine is considered an integral part of the culture and way of life of the people. The Greeks do not abuse fast food, the basis of all their dishes is fresh vegetables, meat, herbs, cheeses and seafood. Each meal begins with snacks, but the inhabitants of Greece do not like teas, considering them to be a cure for colds.
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