Volgograd residents learned what must be on the New Year’s table this year

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What is better to give up, and what to stock up on, says “VP.ru”.

The white metal bull is a symbol of 2021, so don’t start off with beef.

It is better to lay a New Year’s tablecloth on the table made of plain fabric, natural materials and in natural shades. The bull also loves greenery, space and rustic details in the interior.

Since the bull is an unpretentious animal, the New Year’s feast can be organized without unnecessary frills. The main thing is that it is tasty and satisfying.

There must be vegetables and fruits, herbs and dairy products on the table.

From meat it is better to prefer baked pork, turkey, fish, goose or duck.

It is better to replace all store drinks with homemade fruit drink, juice, kvass, lemonade, as well as mulled wine or grog.

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