Volgograd residents learned what a novice mushroom picker needs to know

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What rules need to be known for people who have gathered for a “quiet hunt”, read our material.

Before going into the forest, you need to study the differences between edible and poisonous mushrooms, writes “Volgogradskaya Pravda.ru”. Correct clothing is also important – covering all parts of the body, waterproof and comfortable shoes with dense soles.

Be sure to tell your loved ones exactly where you are going, you also need to take your phone with you.

It is best to go out on a “quiet hunt” early in the morning. The mushrooms will not be so loose. The forest must be kept clean!

Mushrooms that grow near roads, dumps, or factories cannot be picked. It is worth avoiding old and wormy mushrooms.

It is better not to take a mushroom, the edibility of which is in doubt. In no case should you try raw mushrooms.

In the pine forest, most often there are chanterelles, volnushki, boletus, ryadovki, forest mushrooms. The oak forest can please with porcini mushrooms and milk mushrooms, and the alder forest – russula and mosshogs. Boletus, mushrooms and oyster mushrooms are best looked for near aspens.

Most often, mushrooms grow in groups. They should be “twisted” and not plucked so that the mycelium does not suffer.

In addition, it is better to put the finds in a basket or bucket. The bag will not fit, there the mushrooms will be crumpled and broken, the process of protein decomposition may begin. In this case, poisoning can occur even due to edible mushrooms.

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