Volgograd residents learned how to preserve tomatoes in slices

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Volgogradskaya Pravda gives advice on how to cook tomatoes cut into slices and seasoned with spices.

For such tomatoes you will need: 1 kg of a tomato, a head of garlic, a bunch of greens, 4-5 peppercorns, a bay leaf.

The tomatoes must be washed, stalked, cut in half or into 4 pieces. Then peel the garlic, pass through the garlic press, chop the herbs.

After that, it is necessary to sterilize the jars and put dill stalks, peppercorns, and lavrushka on the bottom of each. Put tomatoes on them, cut down, sprinkle with garlic and herbs.

Boil the marinade in a liter of water, adding 1 tbsp. l. salt, 5 tbsp. l. Sahara.

Pour the marinade over the tomatoes, add 2 tbsp each. l. sunflower oil per liter of marinade in jars and 1 teaspoon of vinegar essence (70%), put the jars in a saucepan and sterilize for 15 minutes over moderate heat, roll up.

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