Volgograd residents learned how to clean cutting boards and remove odor

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Over time, kitchen boards absorb food odors and cannot be removed with normal washing. How to thoroughly clean the cutting board, read our material.

Most often, the household uses wooden and plastic boards. The first ones are environmentally friendly and durable, but they quickly get dirty and absorb odors; due to high humidity, they can even start to rot. Plastic boards are durable and absorb less odors, but are not as environmentally friendly, and their surface can be too slippery.

The wooden board can be cleaned as follows: first wash in hot water with dish soap, and then rub with half a lemon, sprinkle with table salt and leave for fifteen minutes. Then you need to wipe it with lemon again and wash with warm water. Then the smell of fish will leave the board.

But the effects of meat and herring can be removed with a cloth dipped in vinegar. Then the board needs to be rinsed.

Baking soda will clean up the bacteria (one teaspoon of soda per glass of water). She needs to rub the board.

Another way is to microwave a dry board for five minutes at maximum power.

A plastic board can be cleaned with the following composition: soda and citric acid, mixed with water to a foam, are applied to the surface. Then they need to be left for half an hour and the board is washed with hot water or soapy water.

Stains (for example, from carrots) will well remove vegetable oil applied to cotton wool. After that, the board needs to be washed.

Note, according to sanitary standards, you should use separate boards for different groups of products.

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