Volgograd residents continue to improve their homes in a pandemic

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This fall, residents of Volgograd began to buy up small and large household appliances. Analysts attribute this to the transition of Russians to telecommuting.

The demand for household appliances in September and October 2020 in Volgograd increased by 36%. Such data are provided by the specialists of Avito.

– The pandemic pushed people to start preparing for possible self-isolation. To make their life at home more comfortable, the Russians began to buy equipment for home and personal care, the analysts said in a statement.

Demand for vacuum cleaners has grown most noticeably this fall, 67% more interest in them than last year. They started looking for washing machines 59% more often.

Washing machines, irons, stoves, hoods and dishwashers also became more popular among buyers. Volgograd residents started buying refrigerators, microwave ovens, hair dryers and hair clippers more often.

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