Volgograd residents are warned of VAT refund fraud

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The Federal Tax Service announced a new type of fraud in the Volgograd region. The swindlers offer to allegedly return the value-added tax on purchased goods.

Fraudsters try to use all the possibilities of the Internet and send offers by e-mail, messengers, and publish videos on YouTube.

According to the press service of the Federal Tax Service for the Volgograd region, the swindlers refer to a non-existent decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, according to which every Russian is supposedly entitled to money that can be received in a limited time.

One of these fake sites was mentioned in the department – this is the “Single center for compensation of value added tax (or unpaid funds).” Visually, these resources are similar to state portals. Phishing site addresses may differ, but they work according to the same principle.

Visitors are encouraged to pay for some services by entering bank card details to receive a VAT refund. However, users do not receive any funds.

The tax service notes that it has nothing to do with VAT refunds through such sites and ask Volgograd residents to be more vigilant. When receiving money within the framework of state support, the recipient is not required to pay for any services.

Note that all relevant data on taxes, fees and state support measures can be obtained on the official website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia or at the nearest tax office.

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