Volgograd residents are concerned about the fate of garbage chutes in high-rise buildings

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The “garbage” reform is being actively discussed in the capital: it is proposed to weld garbage chutes in all apartment buildings of the country. Whether the initiative is planned to be implemented in our region, Vecherny Volgograd.ru figured out.

According to officials, the elimination of waste chutes will help to introduce separate waste collection, since it is impossible to make separate waste chutes for each type of waste. In the Volgograd region, separate waste collection is already being introduced.

However, experts doubt that it will come to welding chutes.

– Often, residents of houses complain that because of the garbage chutes, an unpleasant smell appears in the entrances and apartments, and insects are spread. But even if you brew it, the main question will not disappear – what will happen to the premises of the container sites in the houses? – says the chairman of the council of the house on Lenin Street, 19 Sergei Ostrovsky. – Will they not be sold to third parties, as was already done with the basements and some attics? In addition, many buildings are designated as cultural heritage sites. It will not be possible to perform any actions there just like that, including weld up garbage chutes.

According to the chairman of the Association of Councils of Apartment Buildings in Volgograd, Alexander Osherov, the garbage chute is a common property, therefore the fate of the property in any case will be decided by the residents at the general meeting.

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