Volgograd Region took 1st place in Russia in terms of mustard crops

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Harvest-2020 brought the Volgograd region to a new level of agricultural producers in the Russian Federation.

The Volgograd Region in Russia is on the 6th place in terms of the sown area of ​​agricultural crops for the current harvest. Today about 4% of all sown areas of the country are cultivated here.

The third place is occupied by the region in the Southern Federal District, processing 24% of all areas in the Southern Federal District. According to the press service of the Territorial Body of the Federal State Statistics Service of the region, in terms of mustard crops, the Volgograd Region this year took 1st place among the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, for melons and gourds – 2nd place, and for open ground vegetables – 3rd place. Also, the region took 4th place in terms of sunflower, and 7th place in grain and leguminous crops.

Natalya Gusak, Acting Head of the Department of Agriculture and Environmental Statistics of Volgogradstat, said that in comparison with 2019, the rating of the Volgograd Region in Russia has increased, since in 2019 the region was ranked 7th in the Russian Federation.

By the way, in terms of mustard sowing, the region was in the lead in Russia in 2018, and in 2019 lost the leadership to the Republic of Tatarstan.

According to the head of the plant growing department of the regional committee of agriculture Dmitry Shultz, in the fall of last year, a strategy for sowing winter crops was developed, the recommendations of scientists and production leaders were taken into account.

For the harvest of 2020, the area for winter crops was increased by 48.0 thousand hectares and for sowing corn – by 20.1 thousand hectares, the area for sowing millet was expanded by 15.7 thousand hectares (by 40% from last year).

Also in the region, the volumes of application of mineral fertilizers have been increased, which is a guarantee of yield, as well as the quality of the produced grain. This is facilitated by the provision of state support to the agrarians.

The crops of the region and the applied agricultural technologies allow 3 times to cover the needs of the region in grain, vegetables of open ground and other products supplied to Russian regions and for export.

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