Volgograd is re-considering the case of the demolition of the controversial food court

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The case on the pavilion in the Central District had to be reconsidered due to the entry of third parties into the process.

A new trial on the dismantling of the food court will be held on February 15. According to the Central District Court, at this stage, third parties enter the process, who did not file independent claims. According to the file of the court, these are the Department of State Expertise of Projects in the Region, the Inspectorate of the State Construction Supervision of the Volgograd Region, Metroelektrotrans and Water Supply Concession.

The defendant in the case is the mayor’s office and Prospect LLC, and the plaintiff is the prosecutor’s office of the Volgograd region.

Recall that the construction of a scandalous building on Komsomolskaya Street began last year. Public activists tried to draw attention to illegal actions, publications began to appear in the media. The regional prosecutor’s office in more detail on the construction site and revealed gross violations of non-compliance with construction and safety standards. As the prosecutor Denis Kostenko said in an interview with Volgogradskaya Pravda.ru, this was the basis to go to court with the requirement to demolish the food court.

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