Volgograd deputies joined in the rehabilitation of the Don basin facilities

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At an operational meeting held this week by Governor Andrei Bocharov, issues of the formation of a regional program for the rehabilitation of Don basin facilities and its inclusion in the Ecology national project were considered. And the head of the region set the task for the relevant departments and deputies to submit their proposals to the project on the rehabilitation and development of the Don basin by October 1.

In the region, work is already underway to preserve and rehabilitate the rivers of the Don basin, but it requires serious funding and more extensive measures. This requires a regional program and a clear legislative framework. In this regard, the deputies will have to think over all the nuances.

– The Volgograd parliamentarians are preparing a draft appeal to the legislators of those regions where the Don River flows. We propose to develop regional programs for the rehabilitation and development of water bodies of the Don basin, – explains the chairman of the regional Duma Alexander Bloshkin. – This is an important issue, it affects the interests of 800 thousand residents of our region. The governor, together with the deputy corps, carries out comprehensive work in this area. We are also preparing an appeal to the Government of the Russian Federation and ministries about the formation of a federal program for the rehabilitation of the Don and its tributaries. She could be included in the national project “Ecology”.

As a reminder, on July 23, Andrei Bocharov took part in the interregional conference held in Volgodonsk. There he voiced the idea of ​​creating a comprehensive state program for the rehabilitation and development of the Don basin, which was approved and supported by all conference delegates.

It should be noted that in the Volgograd region a project is already being implemented to improve the Volga River and the Volga-Akhtubinskaya floodplain with the support of the federal center.

Four years ago, at a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council held in Volgograd under the chairmanship of the President of Russia, a federal program in this area was discussed. And then she was included in the national project. Within the framework of this project, a set of measures for the eco-rehabilitation of the Volga was carried out in the region. The situation with the water bodies of the Don basin requires the same approach.

“Only by combining efforts, the federal, regional and municipal authorities, scientists and ecologists will be able to solve a difficult but important task,” says the speaker of the Regulatory Parliament Alexander Bloshkin. – It is necessary to preserve the picturesque corners of nature in our region – this is a symbol of the Don region. And you also need to think about a stable water supply to cities and villages, industrial and agricultural enterprises, the development of fishing, shipping and energy. The deputies of the regional duma are ready to join this work, do everything necessary within the framework of regional legislation and take control of the implementation of these projects.

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