Virologist described the nature of the second wave of coronavirus in Russia

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Virologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Anatoly Altstein estimated the seasonality of COVID-19 and said that the second wave of coronavirus is also expected and its seasonality will not be expressed, as previously assumed.

“Many experts, including myself, were confident that COVID-19 would calm down in the summer amid the heat. But we were wrong, ”said professor

The virologist also believes that the second wave will become more widespread, but the number of severe cases will decrease.

Earlier, doctors reminded Muscovites that no one canceled the mask regime. “The use of masks should be taken strictly: you defend yourself and protect others. I think it is absolutely correct that we have now tightened control over the observance of these security measures, – said physician-therapist Valentina Zabelina in a conversation with MK correspondent. – We have not yet fully coped with the first wave of coronavirus, and in no case should we allow the second. Masks are our responsibility, absolutely everyone needs them. “

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