Vilfand named the possible end of the swimming season in Moscow

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The scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center, Roman Vilfand, warned that the end of the swimming season in Moscow and the Moscow region could occur next week due to a cold snap.

At the same time, he noted that until this moment in the metropolitan region the water temperature in rivers and reservoirs will be comfortable and will be 21-23 degrees.

“From the middle of next week, it is difficult to expect the swimming season to continue. In connection with a significant drop in temperature, the water will immediately begin to cool down, ”the TASS forecaster quoted on Saturday, August 8.

Earlier, Vilfand reported that on August 10 it would be noticeably colder in Moscow.

According to him, on the first day of next week, the air temperature in the capital region will drop and will be from +19 to +23 degrees.

On Tuesday, August 11, the temperature background will be similar, it is around or below normal by one degree.

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