Vietnam is hit by typhoon and flood crisis

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Throughout central Vietnam, cascading floods that began in October and continue to this day flooded the living and the dead, writes Al Jazeera. Cities and cemeteries were flooded with downpours, which proved to be a record volume of water. The authorities said the typhoons were “abnormal” and cost the country 30 trillion dong ($ 1.3 billion). The disaster killed at least 192 people. “In general, it is well known that precipitation from typhoons is increasing due to climate change, both from observations and from models,” said Gert Jan van Oldenborg, lead climatologist at the Red Cross Climate Center and World Weather Attribution, whose The team is conducting research on the role of climate change in recent floods and typhoons in central Vietnam.

Crops were destroyed in the country. Where 70% of the population lives in coastal regions and low-lying deltas, Vietnam is highly prone to flooding, it is also one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to the effects of climate change.

Rice fields were first hit by storms and then by floods. When the water receded, it took the crop with it. Many farming families in central Vietnam live off rice, various other crops, and cattle.

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