Video of chaos in Paris emerged: Explosions and attacks on police

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French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen said that 37 police officers and gendarmes were injured during demonstrations in the French capital on Saturday. He also condemned the violence against law enforcement, which he wrote on Twitter.

Earlier in Paris, actions began against the 24th article of the bill “On global security”. At first, the demonstration was peaceful, but after an hour and a half, a group of people in black clothes joined in. Eventually the radicals started setting fire to objects in the streets. First they burned a large trash can. Then several parked cars caught fire.

They later set fire to the Bank of France building in Paris. In addition, the rioters set fire to a kiosk in the Place de la Bastille. They also broke glass in the restaurant.

Videos from Paris show the real chaos in the streets. Explosions from firecrackers are everywhere. The police use water cannons and tear gas.

In total, about 46 thousand people took part in the protests.

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