Vaccination will be a condition of attending concerts or events in Germany.

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Concert ticket company CTS Eventim plans to make it a prerequisite for attending the selected cultural event to confirm vaccination against the novel coronavirus. This means that only those who have been vaccinated will be allowed to enter the venues or concert halls.

The head of Eventim, Klaus-Peter Schulenberg, in an interview with Wirtschaftswoche, said that the booking system has already been prepared accordingly and allows you to read the document with the mark of the vaccination. “When there is enough vaccine in Germany and everyone can get vaccinated, private event organizers should be given the opportunity to declare vaccination a prerequisite for access to events,” Schulenberg said.

The entrepreneur is sympathetic to a certain amount of skepticism and fears of some residents of the country about the onset of possible side effects of vaccination. He said: “When it becomes clear that vaccinations are now being carried out worldwide without any side effects, we can hope that this skepticism will quickly dissipate.” “The sooner the population is vaccinated, the faster concerts and cultural events will be held again,” sums up Schulenbeg.

Earlier, Angela Merkel said that the federal government will provide an opportunity for everyone in the country to be vaccinated by the end of the summer.

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