Uvek archaeologists searched for the Golden Horde objects, and found a cross from the time of Alexander III

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Archaeologists conducting excavations in the village of Uvek have discovered an unexpected find. According to the press service of the historical park “Russia is my history”, in one of the excavations a militia cross was found, dating from the late 19th – early 20th centuries.

“Here is a new mystery for the ‘investigators’: who owned the cross and how did it end up on Uvek?” – the message says.

The cross is described as metal, with sharply widened ends, on which the inscription “For Faith, Tsar, Fatherland” is read. In the central part of the find there is a rosette with the monogram of Emperor Alexander III. ” The militia cross was established in 1812 and was intended for the soldiers of the State militia. It was made of brass or bronze, it was worn on clothes, which confirms the presence of fastenings in the form of four wire ears on the reverse side of the cross. Historians have determined that the cross was made no earlier than 1890, since the found evidence bears the monogram of Emperor Alexander III and the word “Fatherland” is present in the inscription. The version has been expressed that the artifact belonged to a railway worker who lived on Uvek.

You can see the find on August 8 at 10:00 at the express exhibition “Episode II:” Militia Cross.

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