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Do you have to create your own site plan? With Usasiteplans you can create professional-quality 2D and 3D site plans to plan and manage landscaping and renovation projects. We’ll guide you through all the steps.

How to use site plan software

Creating your own site plan has never been so easy! Draw your site plan to scale with Usasiteplans in just one weekend. The intuitive and user-friendly software interface makes the process easy and fun. You don’t need to know how to design, you can start right away!

Start by drawing the layout of your site plan, the floor plan of the house and the adjacent landscaping. Add plants, furniture and other elements to the outdoor areas and furnish the interior of the house. You can see the measurements of the plan, including the areas of the surfaces and the length and height of the walls. Usasiteplans site plan software can be used for many types of projects, including landscaping, patio renovations, and home improvement projects.

You can view your site plan in 3D as you position, rotate, and swap furniture until you find the perfect match for your design. When you have finished your site plan, you can take a virtual tour in 3D by switching to first person view mode. Move around the house and garden to see the project in 3D. Generate realistic 3D images of your project and 360° views that you can share with friends, family, and project partners.

How to create your site plan?

Draw your site plan layout

Easily draw your site plan design with Usasiteplans design software. Include exterior details such as stairs, garden paths, patios, and fences. Define the floor plan of the interior, including the layout of the rooms and the position of the doors and windows.

Furnish your site plan

Choose furniture for your home and garden from our extensive catalogue, which offers a variety of floor materials, indoor and outdoor furniture, plants and accessories. Add elements such as a swimming pool or an outdoor shed to complement your design.

Create HD images and share your project

Create high-quality 3D images of your site plan to show others your design. You can also generate 2D view images showing measurements and areas, which can be helpful when ordering construction materials. Share images and 360° views of your project with your family and friends to get their feedback.

Types of site plans

2D site plans

2D site plans are ideal for creating a layout and getting an overview of a building from above. They include elements inside and outside, such as stairs, doors, the most important furniture and outdoor plants. Choose whether or not to display measurements and surface areas on your 2D site plan .

3D site plans

View your site plan in 3D to visualize the design in more detail, with colors, textures, and interior decoration. 3D site plans add dimension to your project and give you an idea of ​​what it will actually look like, which is especially helpful when planning a home renovation or landscaping project.

A 3D plan taken on Usasiteplans of a farmhouse house with an outdoor space

First person 3D viewing

Take a tour of your site plan in 3D by switching to first person view mode. Visualize your project in the first person to situate yourself in your new space. Create realistic 3D images and 360° views that you can share with project partners and builders.

Usasiteplans Site Plan Examples

Living Room Site Plan

Whether you think of a cozy bohemian living room or an open and spacious design, you can create the interior that best suits your style.

Bath site plan

Choose the main elements of your ideal bathroom and try different configurations until you find the one you like best.

Whatever decorating style you prefer, you’re sure to find ideas for your project on our inspiration page . There you’ll find industrial-style lofts, country kitchens, minimalist Scandinavian-style living rooms, lively bohemian bedrooms, and chic, modern bathrooms to get your ideas buzzing.

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