What are the reasons IGNOU provides a valuable MBA Degree?

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There is no doubt that the Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the best distance education hubs for premium courses and MBA is one of them that offers best in class management education to millions of students. There are many students and working professionals who prefer IGNOU to various other institutions because, in IGNOU, they get a valuable degree with flexibility in the education system.

IGNOU offers competitive MBA degree courses to the students of the country and abroad.  Today, IGNOU is considered one of the best educational institutions in the country for distance education in management courses. Apart from other PG courses, the university offers the best in a class MBA degree program in many specializations.  Each specialization serves a specific purpose that prepares students for any future needs.

Here, in this blog, we are going to let you know some basic points through which you will understand what are the primary reasons why IGNOU MBA is considered a valuable degree in management. So, let’s start:

IGNOU is approved by UGC and AICTE

The Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the highly reputed institutions in the country and it offers many courses under UG, PG, Certificate and diploma programs. Apart from various degrees, MNA is one of them that holds a great value for many scholars, students and working professionals. IGNOU MBA is delivered through distance mode and an entrance test is done for the admission process.

IGNOU MBA degree is completely valid and recognized by the University Grants Commission and AICTE. 

That’s why most working professionals and new BBA graduates prefer the MBA degree of this institution. 

The value is always considered equivalent just to regular MBA degrees from other institutions and B-Schools.

IGNOU MBA is Competitive

For taking admission to the Indira Gandhi National Open University, you will have to undergo an entrance test conducted by the university administration and admission committee with the collaboration of the National Testing Agency. So, we can say that the IGNOU MBA is not based on merit, but it is competitive too. The name of the IGNOU entrance test is OPENMAT. You have to read the admission guidelines and prepare yourself before appearing for the same.

IGNOU MBA is Flexible and Valuable

The MBA degree offered by the Indira Gandhi National Open University is very flexible in nature and is completely valuable just like other degrees offered by the institution.  Apart from various benefits, one of the majors that attract students and scholars to pursue an MBA is its flexible mode of education.  Students have to submit assignments and for the same, they have lots of time. Candidates are required to take classes on weekends as it is the holidays for working professionals which is a great relief for them.

IGNOU MBA is Cost-Effective

The MBA provided by the Indira Gandhi National Open University is very cheaper or cost-effective than the regular MBA offered by many educational institutions in the country. The varsity provides much flexibility to pay the fee. Students can easily pay their 

respective IGNOU MBA fees in four different semesters. It will be easier for them to do the same. All the programs and degree courses are provided at a low fee. So, a lot of students and working professionals try to get admission to this institution for management courses.

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IGNOU MBA is Good for Working professionals

The master of business administration is very popular amongst working professionals as it provides a good degree of value to get enough business exposure and to get a reputed position in an organization. Today, most employers also know that IGNOU MBA is completely valid by the guidelines of UGC. You can check the value of credibility using the website of the University Grants Commission.

IGNOU: a highly rated and widely acclaimed university

Today, the Indira Gandhi National Open University is accepted by the business world as well as by many educational institutions in the country and India.  There is no doubt that IGNOU is a top-rated university that is renowned for higher education through distance mode. The institution is listed as amongst the largest universities in India for distance education to various courses. Due to its highly acclamation and credibility of the degree, the varsity offers best in class education in a management degree program.

Today, most regular and online universities are looking at IGNOU with respect and happily accept its degrees and an MBA degree is not the exception. One can easily pursue any type of job in India and abroad after completing the degree of specialization that he/she got.

IGNOU MBA Degree Vs Regular MBA from Other University

 Both the modes of MBA degree (Regular or distance) are good in their place. It depends on the financial condition and situation in which the student wants to be admitted. For example; if you have more time and want regular classes to enhance your knowledge better with face to face interaction with your teachers and peers, then it is recommended to choose a regular MBA.

On the other hand, the IGNOU degree offered under management courses is highly preferred over regular MBA classes because students can easily make a perfect balance between their personal life and professional career. From the COVID 19 pandemic, the popularity of the IGNOU MBA has increased tremendously.  It offers various types of advantages to the students and working professionals.  The degree value is completely accepted in India and foreign country for job purposes and higher education.