US to send reinforcements to Syria after incident with Russian military

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The American contingent in Syria will be reinforced with several infantry fighting vehicles and radars, Colonel Wayne Marotto, spokesman for Operation Unwavering Determination, said on Twitter. According to the BBC, American reinforcements are being deployed due to incidents with the Russian military.

Thus, the United States will send six Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to northeastern Syria. On the eve of the US Central Command indicated that they will preserve the freedom of movement of coalition forces in the region.

“The coalition continues to support our partners fighting against IS (the organization is banned in Russia). Placing Bradley vehicles in northeastern Syria will provide protection to the coalition forces, ”Marotto wrote in turn.

As the BBC notes on September 19, about a hundred US military and a “watchdog” will also be sent to Syria, which will allow American fighters to better cover the infantry.

The reason is attributed to the increased incidents between the Russian and American military. According to an unnamed US official, the increase in the contingent is a signal for Russia.

“These actions and reinforcements are a clear signal for Russia to adhere to the processes of mutual conflict resolution. Also, Russia and other parties should avoid unprofessional, unsafe and provocative actions, ”he said.

On August 25, it became known that the US military tried to block a Russian patrol in Syria in violation of existing agreements. As a result, as reported by the American side, a Russian military vehicle rammed an armored car of the States, as a result of which American soldiers were injured.

The Defense Ministry noted that they had warned the American side about the passage of the Russian military police convoy, but the Americans still tried to block it.

The United States has been conducting a military operation in Syria since 2014. At the same time, neither the UN nor Damascus gave permission for the stay of the American military in Syrian territory. The US military is currently focusing on oil fields.

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