US Intelligence to End Election Security Briefings for Congress

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The Office of the Director of Home Intelligence will stop providing presidential security briefings to members of the US Congressional Intelligence Committees due to leakage of classified information from past meetings. The Politico newspaper reported this with reference to informed sources.

According to preliminary data, American intelligence warned members of Congress that there will be no personal meetings on this issue, but all information will still be sent in writing.

As quoted by RIA Novosti, intelligence is committed to fulfilling statutory responsibilities and ensuring that Congress is fully and timely informed. However, for the sake of maintaining the confidentiality of classified data, it will now be done in writing.

It is noted that the rest of the departments involved in ensuring security in the elections will continue to provide briefings to legislators and regularly send them information in writing. These are the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security.

On August 26, the American intelligence services reported that they had no information that any foreign states tried to interfere with the mail voting process in the country’s upcoming presidential elections in November 2020.

The US presidential election is due on November 3, 2020. Former Democratic candidate Joe Biden is currently ahead of incumbent President Donald Trump in polls.

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