US General spoke about Russia’s plans for a land corridor to Crimea

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The United States believes that Russia is going to “break through a land corridor” to Crimea because of the lack of water.

This was stated by Lieutenant General, commander of US forces in Europe Ben Hodges.

According to him, it is not yet known exactly whether Russia is really going to carry out this operation. At the same time, Hodges warned that if the Russian authorities are confident that the West will not react to such actions, then these plans can become a reality.

“But I think that Ukraine knows about this not only because of the Russian military, but also because you have people in the South who, perhaps, are prone to corruption and disinformation. I want to say that there must be stability in Ukrainian society, members of parliament and local authorities, and they must be willing to resist, “said Ben Hodges, adding that the United States plans to assert its advantage in the Black Sea.

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