US authorities prepare for unrest on presidential election day

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The US Department of Justice, together with the FBI, are developing a plan of action in case of public unrest on the day of presidential elections, writes The Washington Post, citing sources.

At the headquarters of the command center, they intend to place officials to coordinate actions if there are protests or other problems related to the elections.

Civil rights and national security officials will be monitoring major incidents during the voting. They will also monitor reports of cases of fraud or intimidation of voters. Their work will also include assessing potential cyber threats to the US electoral process.

As the FBI spokesman said, they had previously prepared for the elections in the same way, thinking about possible cases of violence on them. However, in 2020, due to the pandemic, this issue is being discussed more actively. The fact is that mass protests and riots began in the United States from the end of May. Intelligence agencies will take into account many potential scenarios.

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