US $ 40m lawsuit against Pornhub in California

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Pornhub has not finished talking about it. After a devastating daily article New York Times and a petition calling for its closure, 40 women in California are suing the parent company of the porn site, Montrealer MindGeek, for US $ 40 million over videos released without their consent.

These videos relate to the GirlsDoPorn sexual exploitation scandal.

The women allege that Pornhub knowingly took advantage of GirlsDoPorn’s videos on its platform and did not provide moderation regarding the images circulating in a significant way on its various channels. The videos thus remained online despite their requests to be removed.

According to Vice, the US $ 40 million (approximately CAN $ 50.9 million) lawsuit is intended to compensate each plaintiff in the amount of US $ 1 million (approximately CAN $ 1.27 million).

“As an immediate consequence of the financial benefit and MindGeek’s involvement in GirlsDoPorn’s sex trafficking business, the Complainants suffered damage, including, but not limited to, severe emotional distress, significant trauma , suicide attempts and social and family exclusion ”, indicates the prosecution, still according to Vice.

GirlsDoPorn has, let’s remember, coerced and coerced dozens of young women into having sex on camera. They were lied to by telling them that the videos would never be released online. They were however uploaded to the GirlsDoPorn site, as well as to Pornhub, where GirlsDoPorn monetized their videos as Pornhub’s “content partner”.

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